• Why Natural Stone?

    Variety and uniqueness: Every stone has a color, pattern, finish and texture unique to itself. Durability: With proper care, natural stone is meant to last a lifetime. Eco-friendly: there's is nothing more earth friendly than earth itself, natural stones are not toxic and no chemicals go into fabrication. Maintenance: Bacteria hates it, natural stone does not decay and only gets better with age. Read More
  • Quartz kitchen counter tops

    At Granite Island, Quartz counter tops is one of our specialties. Let us show you the endless possible of natural quartz stones. There are only three stones on the planet more durable than quartz (topaz, sapphire and diamond), its natural durability and non porous surface make it a perfect resistor to scratches, stains, bacteria and heat. Read More
  • Marble Vanity Tops

    Give your bathroom the added style and glamour by installing one of Granite Islands premium marble vanity tops. Granite islands custom cuts and installation is your one-stop shop to accommodate your marble needs for any and all areas of your home or commercial project. Read More
  • Granite Fireplaces

    Granite offers a stunning and timeless option for fireplace construction. Granite natural stone work is not a expense but added wealth to your home. At Granite Island, we offer natural granite stones in a variety of colors and patterns, we'll help you find what's right for you. Read More
  • Exceptional Service

    At granite Island premium customer service is the back bone of our business. Granite Island is always open to the public for a free expert consultation and estimation. We help you before, throughout and even after your project. We provide, carve and install in an economical and timely manner. Read More
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Latest Blog

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    The never ending debate between Granite and Quartz countertops, they both have their pros and cons. Granite is the traditional Read More
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Who We Are...


Granite Island is a Montreal based company dedicated to bringing the best in natural stonework (granite, quartz and marble) to homes and businesses in and around Montreal. Granite Island is renowned for its first-rate granite, quartz and marble (which come in all shapes, sizes and patterns) produced entirely in Montreal, and an accomplished team of professionals committed to providing outstanding customer service before, during and after you natural stone project.