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Granite Island, is a Montreal based agency devoted to the art of natural stonework. An association by the people of Montreal to serve the people of Montreal. Granite Island Montreal has strictly partnered with only the utmost reputable marble producers, granting an extensive selection of striking granite, marble and quartz stones.

Granite Island is a dedicated company in providing the best professional services in the field of natural stone for kitchen counter tops , vanities and more with unbeatable prices. Our high quality Granite , Quartz , and Marble with variety of colours and design will certainly meet your taste and expectation for your kitchen and bathroom projects.

Our knowledge and expertise in the field of natural stone provide an excellent approach to professional services leading to a maximal customer satisfaction . Our goal is to present our clients with the premium quality of stone (Granite , Quartz , and Marble) with the lowest possible prices. From primary consultation to timely installation, strong sense of responsibility along with care and craftsmanship , a key to our success.


For more information contact us at: 514-952-7400.
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