5 Key Kitchen Design Features of 2015

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A Houzz & Home survey showed that remodeling is trumping moving, what this means is that home buyers are more interested in renovating a place themselves than buying a house with recent renovations. Moreover, the most popular home renovation is the kitchen. It is the place where most people like it personalized.

With all the optimism in the remodeling industry, there are certain design trends for 2015 that are all about striking a balance between a classic, timeless look with and a simple modern flare. Here are five features that you should keep in mind when redesigning your kitchen.

  1. Light shaded kitchen cabinets:
    For a couple of years now, dark colored cabinets have been dominating the market. However, light colors are back, in particular the color white. Having predominantly white cabinets with a large dark shaded cabinet for contrast has also become increasingly popular.

  2. Glossy back-splash on kitchen tiles:
    This feature has been a booming market for the design-savvy homeowner, a very outside the box look that can redefine your kitchen with a touch of modern flare. At Granite Island, our large selection of glossy stones can help you pick out the right stone for your kitchen.

  3. Bronze metal fixture:
    The rusty metal look is back, if you are going for a timeless and classic look, warm metal fixtures and sinks are the right choices for you. Keep in mind that you might find it tricky to create a unified look with your kitchen appliances.

  4. Open plans:
    It happens that floor plans have turned out to be a more and more popular choice for designers and homeowners. To have all rooms integrated into one is the new fab, open kitchens predominantly need an island. It creates a relaxed space where everyone can enjoy one another’s company; this also allows a harmony in design. At Granite Island, we can help you integrate a beautiful stone onto your kitchen island, to give it the pop in color and texture a centerpiece deserves.

  5. Dark stones:
    Granite and Quartz counter-tops are a timeless piece; it will surely increase the value of any home. However, darker tones in stones have been quite exciting for most designers. The contrast it creates with lightly toned cabinets is aesthetically very appealing. Moreover, it’s no news granite or quartz counter tops tend to make a space more attractive and durable, it can also help increase the value of yours home. At Granite Island, we can help you find the right Granite or quartz counter-top that fit your needs.
    At Granite Island we can help you find the right dark stone to implent into your home!