Granite Island

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Beautiful Granite

As the quartz gains more market share as the desired counter-top choice because of its durability and maintenance, some would say that Granite has seen its heyday in the kitchen. However the fact remains that granite is still the top seller, why is that?

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5 Key Kitchen Design Features of 2015

A Houzz & Home survey showed that remodeling is trumping moving, what this means is that home buyers are more interested in renovating a place themselves than buying a house with recent renovations. Moreover, the most popular home renovation is the kitchen. It is the place where most people like it personalized.

Nine Ways to Make Your Home More Appealing to Home Buyers

It's the buyer's market out there, and this has caused homeowners to settle for under the evaluated rates. Only the exceptional houses are being purchased at their market value, and here are some simple tricks to make your home exceptional.

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Granite or Quartz Countertops?

The never ending debate between Granite and Quartz countertops, they both have their pros and cons. Granite is the traditional choice of counter-tops, however, with the recent tweaks quartz is quickly gaining ground. According to a recent Houzz survey, quartz countertops come in second to granite countertops in public opinion. Houzz surveyed over 7,000 respondents about their kitchen remodeling preferences. Of the 94% who were planning to replace their countertops, 36% of respondents reported that they would prefer a quartz countertop for their kitchen, while half preferred granite.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself before Choosing a Stone Tile

It's always hard to choose the right stone for the right job, and the abundance of choices doesn't help your cause. You're working on a project, and you're trying to figure out the stone tile for the job. The stone tile that will stand up to the scuffs, cleaners, spills, cleaners, and the other factors that can wear on the surface. Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself before commencing your stone project.

8 Reasons Why Quartz Make the Perfect Kitchen Counter-Top

Now-a-days choosing a counter-top can overwhelm anyone with the amount of choices available. Aside from color, texture, pattern, etc. There is the type of stone that should be first considered. To aid this process here are nine reasons why that stone should be Quartz.

Thinking of Stone Flooring? Here Are a Few Things You'll Need to Know about Your Options

Stone flooring has been around for a long time now and it’s proven to be the most durable option. Many see it as too expensive; however, if you look at it in the long term it's a relatively cheaper alternative, with a much more luxuries aesthetic. Stone flooring lasts a lifetime, and the choices available (Whether its color, patter, texture etc.) are substantially more than carpet or wooden flooring. Moreover, unlike the latter two stone flooring does not collect bacteria or dirt and cleaning it is as simple as an occasional wet mop.

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Kitchen Countertops, Chose Wisely

Essentially the most important sector of your house, and if you are obsessed with food as much as I am, you would agree how sacred this space can be, Why not give your favourite space lifelong value?

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Quartz, The New Counter Top King?

If you take a look at the natural stone (granite, quartz and marble) market for counter top. You'll notice there are two clear front runners granite and quartz. However, in previous years granite has always been the preferred natural stone of the two. Recent developments on quartz have made this stone a worthy competition for granite. Quartz is one of the planets stronger materials making it the perfect earthly substance to adorn your countertop.

Keep Warm This Winter with a Gorgeous Granite, Quartz or Marble Fireplace

The best part about winter is a natural warmth you get laying next to the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. Curled up in a nice book without a worry in the world, why not look at something beautiful while you are at it. Nothing says elegance and luxury than a stunning quartz, granite or marble fireplace. And When it comes to fireplaces I think anyone that knows the difference between the three preferred natural stones (quartz, marble and granite)would hands down vote for Quartz as their weapon of choice.

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Marble's Grace

When I think of marble I instantly think of the Taj Mahal; this magnificent mausoleum in India is built entirely of marble as a symbol of love dedicated to the emperors dead wife. It gives off a sensationally luxurious appearance, I believe in terms of aesthetics it's still rated number one in the natural stone world. 

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Quartz and Granite, A Brief Summary

Granite, quartz and marble countertops are quarried directly from the earth as a single chunk. These counters are all natural stones that have been taken out as large blocks that can be later cut into individual slabs. This article will discuss the core differences between quartz and granite. A better understanding of the two natural stones can benefit you with your purchase.