Quartz and Granite, A Brief Summary

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Granite, quartz and marble countertops are quarried directly from the earth as a single chunk. These counters are all natural stones that have been taken out as large blocks that can be later cut into individual slabs. This article will discuss the core differences between quartz and granite. A better understanding of the two natural stones can benefit you with your purchase.

quartz-blogLet us start with Quartz

Growing to be the more popular of the two, quartz countertops are just as strong as granite but have the added benefit of being more flexible. This makes them significantly easier to work with during the installation process. Quartz is non-porous, therefore, require no sealing - ever. They require virtually no maintenance. These counters are very durable they are stain resistant even a wine spill can be dealt easily. Seams are visible with any natural stone work, but you can expect it to be less visible with quartz, especially if you chose a darker shade of color, in essence it's much easier to hide the seam to a certain extent. There are certain draw-backs to quartz, one of which is the slight color change. With time and exposure to UV rays, quartz tends to pick up a slight shade. Quartz is also immensely heavy, even heavier granite and it would take professional installment, your neighbourhood handyman would not be able to complete the task.

Granite-blogNow for the pros and cons of Granite.

It's fitting to start by complimenting Granite's natural look. The appearance is not uniform. These stones come right out of the earth and are designed entirely by nature. Some see this as a drawback, I, however, don't see it that way. Granite counter-tops will need to be sealed, unlike quartz stones. The sealing also needs to be re-touched year after year. However, you can push it as long as 3 years without re-sealing. Countertops made of granite are very durable with proper maintenance and care these stones can last a lifetime and more. The downside to granite is that seams are virtually impossible to hide, the natural veins and colors in the stone will never allow the seams to appear less visible. Also, granites samples can be slightly different from the stone that you have installed. Keep in mind that nature designs these so each stone is unique. It has in its own character.
You can go about the internet reading various reviews on granite and quartz counter tops and every homeowner will be protecting their personal choices. Their perspective will be bias, Granite Island provides free expert consultation. Talk to the experts and then deduce your own conclusion. Good Luck