Thinking of Stone Flooring? Here Are a Few Things You'll Need to Know about Your Options

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Stone flooring has been around for a long time now and it’s proven to be the most durable option. Many see it as too expensive; however, if you look at it in the long term it's a relatively cheaper alternative, with a much more luxuries aesthetic. Stone flooring lasts a lifetime, and the choices available (Whether its color, patter, texture etc.) are substantially more than carpet or wooden flooring. Moreover, unlike the latter two stone flooring does not collect bacteria or dirt and cleaning it is as simple as an occasional wet mop.

Currently, Granite is the stone of choice when it comes to flooring. Its non-porous texture makes it increasingly easy to clean and maintain. Granite is very hard and it comes in a variety of different colors and patterns. Moreover, it can be very consistent with its patterns and will look great for years to come.

Marble is way too often confused with granite because they can have the same look and patterning. Marble however, is slightly more porous but it can still me sealed and polished to keep its exterior non-porous and easy to maintain. Moreover, Marble can lose its original shade with extensive direct sunlight (keep in mind that this takes years of direct sunlight to take effect). Marble allows a more extensive collection of colors and patterns compared to Granite.

Quartz is another popular choice, its seldomley confused with slate (another stone used for flooring) as they can look quite similar. Quartz however, can be differentiated by its appearance of having metallic flecks. Quartz stone floors have the advantage of looking more uniform. Unlike marble and granite quartz has far less swirls and pockets.

Limestone, this would be your ideal choice for high-traffic areas. Mostly used in public buildings and the outdoors. Extremely durable stone and it takes a heck of a lot to damage it even slightly.

Choosing the right stone for flooring works is important, it's something that will be around for a very long time since the set-up fee would be high and damages are going to be to the minimum. At granite island we've got the professionals to guide you through all your options and also help with a clean and professional installation.